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New Generation Fairs

NOBEL EXPO, combining professionalism with its innovative vision, offers the exhibition experience of the future to all sector stakeholders in the post-pandemic period. neXt Marketing Ecosystem takes your exhibition experience to a new level with Nobel Reference System –NRS- and Digital Incubation Center programs.

neXt, made available by the Nobel Expo technology group, uses all digital opportunities of innovational exhibition organizations to create cross-industry partnerships and innovative experiences for the stakeholders and sectors we serve.

The Nobel Reference System –NRS- allows you to share the comfort and prestige of being a NOBEL EXPO exhibitor with your business partners. The NRS codes you receive as an exhibitor, the customized procurement committee matching program, and the Business Lounge service for your guests facilitate your business development processes and bring the comfort of being a Nobel Expo exhibitor to a new level.

The Digital Incubation Center to be created exclusively for NRS code holders, an ecosystem will be established that provides privileged representatives of the industry with access to different electronic services 24/7. The ecosystem to be established aims to provide Nobel Expo exhibitors and visitors a privileged Digital Experience World spanning 365 days on top of an exhibition experience.

Contact us to discover the Privileged Exhibition Experience of Nobel Expo and step into the advantageous world of the new generation exhibition organization.

For Detailed Information And Questions

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